Wonderland Online’ new expansion released today

Today is the day that Wonderland Online lifts the veil on their new expansion: Clash of the Champions!

There's a lot to look forward to in the new expansion, including a brand new server dedicated to the fine art of PvP, the new rebirth system and a bunch of new maps to explore. For the newer players out there, if you're finding it tough to compete in one of the older servers, fear not, the WLO team will also be releasing the new Aquarius server at the same time as the new expansion.

With each subsequent expansion, the world of Wonderland continues to grow. In the latest expansion gamers move into the middle ages in Europe, specifically two historically significant spots in England and France. Join King Arthur and his knights as they battle the forces of evil in Cornwall, and then hop over the channel to France and join Joan of Arc in Domremy.  Explore these two new maps and discover the adventures hidden inside!

Now on to the life or death action. Game developer's the world over would love to see their gamers focus on the intricate stories and adventures that they spent countless hours creating, but some players just can't seem to move beyond the simple thrills of hacking and slashing everything in sight. For the WLO team, they couldn't agree more with the hacker/slashers! That's why they channeled their energy into developing the ultimate place for PvP in this expansion; a whole server devoted entirely to the clash of steel and will, with winners determined by the bloody death of an opponent. Simple and irresistibly addicting!

In addition to the new expansion, the WLO team has prepared a brand new server called Aquarius. This is not the PvP server, though players on this new server are welcome to get in a little action if they feel the need. The WLO team reports that all the usual server opening activities will be available, along with a few surprises that they are keeping under wraps until show time. Throughout the duration of these events, tons of prizes and rewards will be given away to help players get off on the right foot in these new lands.

Check here all you need to know about Wonderland Online. And visit its official website.

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