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Wonderland Online team recently announced that version 5.0, entitled “The Glory of Empire,” will soon be released. With tons of new features, one that will definitely stand out is the addition of more powerful bosses to offer players new challenges.

White Tiger

The White Tiger was revered as the God of war and the harvest in ancient times. According to legend, it can ward off evil spirits and bring riches to people’s homes. In version 5.0, however, the White Tiger has been cursed and is now controlled by evil forces that have used it to cause terrible disasters. The beast’s unbelievable attack power and high speed make it extremely difficult to defeat.


The Phoenix is a mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn from its ashes, representing the constant cycle of life and death. It’s also the king of the birds. Though it is said that the Phoenix can bring people happiness, its tear can heal all diseases, and its feather can revive the dead, players will not have an easy time when they are sent to seek the proud bird’s help. It has lots of HP and can heal itself in a short time. To earn its aid, players will have to survive a drawn-out battle that will truly test their mettle.

Iron Dino

The guardian of the North is in fact two godly creatures combined: a great turtle and a powerful snake. In ancient China, the snake and turtle were a symbol of long life. It was said the Iron Dino was an envoy from hell, connecting it with the world of the living. In the game, the Iron Dino pair has great attack power and a variety of assistant skills. Fighting against other monsters may even make them more powerful.

Spirit Captain

The Spirit Captain wanted to earn a fortune by pillaging a mummy’s coffin. Unfortunately, he was cursed and perished on the journey home when his ship was sunk during a deadly storm. Overcoming the curse will be a tough challenge for all who dare undertake it.


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