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GAME TYPE: Free to play MMO First Person Shooter


A team focused FPS game allows players to fight through six different game modes over 15 available maps as they step into the shoes of engineered soldiers that can transform into powerful werewolf super soldiers during battle empowering themselves with new abilities and skills. Wolf Team Reloaded is a fantastic free to play FPS offering a different style of strategy where players must balance their long range Human form against their up close melee Wolf form in battle.


  • Exciting adrenaline pumping FPS battles

  • Up to 16 players per match

  • A huge selection of weapons to choose from and upgrade

  • Transform into a werewolf and dominate in melee with powerful abilities

  • 15 available maps with different sizes and layouts

  • Various game modes

  • Completely free to play


Starting out as a mystery where soldiers had gone missing during operations, the truth was revealed that these soldiers had been taken and turned into lycanthrope super soldiers, capable of turning into werewolves they were the military’s greatest secret. Using a serum they believe they needed to transform them back into their Human form, it was revealed that it was no more than a sedative and only through learning how to control the metamorphosis did these soldiers gain control and independence. Now some see themselves at the top of the food chain and humans simply prey, whereas others are the only things that stand between humanity and these violent foes.


Wolf Team Reloaded is a fast-paced MMOFPS where players will fight in team based battles to numerous game modes and battle maps with the intent on earning currency and XP to increase their abilities and rank. One of the core features of the game gives players the ability to transform between their Human form and their Werewolf alter ego. As Humans players have a huge array of weapons available to them, giving them the great advantage in ranged combat, whereas Wolves are limited in their range but up close they are faster, stronger and considerably more durable than their Human counterparts. This ability adds a unique element of strategy to the game where players can switch up their form at a moment’s notice to react to an attack or plan ahead an assault with their teammates.


Superior at long range Humans rely on their weaponry to keep them safe, as they are slower and have a smaller number of hit points they are extremely vulnerable in melee combat and so must keep their enemies at bay and kill them before they get to close. Human’s weapons come in a wide variety from long-range sniper rifles to up close shotguns and pistols and even grenades that can help stun Werewolves; the majority of weapons available to Humans can be upgraded to improve their qualities.


Where Humans have weapons the Wolves have their different forms, ranging from the basic Ghost Wolf who is able to disappear from sight making them an ideal assassin attacking from nowhere, or the Guardian Wolf that focuses on using his powerful block ability to defend himself and his allies. There are also numerous mutations that players can purchase giving temporary access to other Wolf forms such as a Smart Wolf that is able to replenish its hit points by slashing at those players that have killed during the match and even the Ice Wolf that can fire off freezing attacks to hold their enemies in place.


With six standard game modes such as Destruction where players must try to detonate a bomb in specific locations whilst the other team tries to stop them, Wolf Hunt where a player is chosen at random to start out as a powerful Wolf and tasked with killing other Humans to turn them into Wolves and over to their side; the victor is being the team that manages to eliminate all the enemy first. Many of the game modes have various options that can be customised to create different types of games, restricting weapon choices or Wolf forms or even restricting the ability to transform where one team must play as Humans for the duration of the match and the others play as the Wolves.


Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Pentium 4
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 800MB
Graphics: Radeon 7600 or GeForce FX5700 or higher
Sound: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c


Website: WolfTeam Reloaded

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WolfTeam Reloaded game

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1 Comentarios de WolfTeam Reloaded

  1. Somebody

    Hi there

    I started playing Wolfteam about 2-3 years ago and this is what I think….

    The Idea of a wolf vs human combat is of course a very exciting prospect and that is the first attraction I had about this game. That and the fact that there are so many modes you can play with and a good range of maps, too.

    Weapons are also pretty cool and there is a good range to choose from. Over the time period I have played (still playing),I have noticed the game has a inherent problem, that to this day, has not been adequately addressed.

    The introduction of AP (aeria points items) which you can purchase readily from the main website has caused new issues. Initially you could buy premium items that were fairly priced. I did at the time (2 years ago or so, £10 for 3000 AP) buy some and had a great time using it during play as it gave me a great advantage. However, although I am not completely sure about the current prices, the items have significantly increased in price, which I believe is very unethical for gamers and hardly in line with the way the game is being managed and maintained.

    There are constant updates which more or less do nothing to sort out the issue of hacking. In fact every time there is an update, a new wave of hackers arrive. This happens ALL the time. Every time I look for discussions or resolutions in regards to this issue, I find there are instead a host of hacking websites and no effective prevention tools.

    And the best they can do is ask us to record a video or take a screenshot of them. Now this is completely fine if there are 1 or 2 hackers per gaming session. HOWEVER, in reality, most of the time I have found at least 20 or more hackers per gaming session (gaming sessions being around 4-5 hours at most but due to the volume of hackers, that has lessened to about an hour approx) and recording a video or taking a snapshot at this rate is CLEARLY not normal.

    It is not up to the players to resolve this matter, it is their (Aeria managment team) duty to put an end to this and find an effective solution.

    I mean people pay real money for a game that in turn asks those to hunt down the party poopers… That is not acceptable in my honest opinion.

    I have seen a lot of friends leave this game due to this very reason and they paid a lot to have these premium AP items. Only to be ruined by a host of hackers and incompetent management who simply do not show signs of making this permanently better any time sooner!

    You might not view this comment as very positive or uplifting or even ask why I am still playing if it is that bad. I just put in what I truly believe is the case and I believe the game owners or management team or whoever is responsible for this should be able to resolve these obviously damaging issues.

    All in all, in my honest beliefs, I would give the game a 2/5 for the reasons outlined above and unless they resolve the inherent issues, it is what it is.

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