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Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of Legend IV Plus: Hotan Fortress and the start of a trio of holiday events for Silkroad Online. From December 15 to January 12, 2010, players can take on snowy enemies in the Winter Story Event, reminisce about the past as part of the Goodbye 2009 Event, and try their luck in the item mall with the Storage Expansion Item Launching Event. The Fortress Wars are also coming to the imposing Hotan Fortress on Christmas Eve, so there’s plenty of fun to be had this holiday season in Silkroad Online!

For the Winter Story Event, an evil Princess has brought sub-zero temperatures to the land in an attempt to create her own personal Winter Festival. Her grinning Snow Slaves are a threat to all unwary travelers, and her White Knights ride in their wake. Players who collect enough Snow Flakes from her minions can trade them in for fabulous rewards, and may even earn the right to face the Princess herself or the White Knights in combat.

Players are also encouraged to reflect upon the time they’ve spent in Silkroad Online and share their stories as part of the Goodbye 2009 Event. Entries can be submitted to the event page until January 12, and the winning stories will be announced on January 19. The authors selected will be rewarded with rare and powerful 10th Grade Sun, Moon, and Star Seals.

Participants in the Storage Expansion Item Launching Event will have an equal shot at winning incredible prizes. Ten lucky players who buy storage expansion items during the event period will win one of the 10th Grade Seals or a bundle of 10,000 skill points.

Those looking for Silkroad Online’s ultimate challenge should prepare for the first Hotan Fortress War taking place on Christmas Eve, December 24. This grand structure at the heart of the Oasis Kingdom has never been captured, and only the greatest of warriors will be able to wrest control from its current inhabitants.

The Legend IV Plus: Hotan Fortress update brings a number of other changes to the game, including an improved Fortress War system, limited-edition Glacial Avatar armor, and a refreshed Magic Pop system.

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