Win a PS3 with Tales Runner: chaos genesis

To celebrate the launch of its most extensive chapter, Chaos Genesis, Tales Runner is hosting a raffle where players can win a slick, brand-new Play Station 3.  The event will begin on June 17th after the new chapter’s final update on June 16th. 


In Chaos Genesis  players will be asked to choose between two warring factions.  Once the choice between Angel and Devil is made, players will be able to access new faction-themed alchemy armor sets, missions, and maps. The long-awaited Chaos Battle begins on Friday, June 18th!  The battle is a three week long event where players fight for control of the nine new continents in the name of the Angel or Devil faction.  Citizens of the winning faction will have access to exclusive prizes.

Check here all you need to know about Tales Runner. And visit its official website.

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