Weapon customization Now Available in Zula

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IDC/Games announced today that the highly anticipated by the community customization update has arrived to Zula. The Weapon customization is the system that allows players to customize their primary, secondary and melee weapons and grenades. The parts that can be customized are:

• Skin
• Top Attachments: scope or reflex sights
• Bottom Attachments: laser
• Front Attachments: silencer or muzzle
• Accessories: hanging accessories

How can players customize their weapons?
To customize the weapons, players must have Customization Cards, which can be obtained randomly with Customization Decks. Players can either buy them from the Decks menu in the shop or from the left side of the Weapon Customization menu. Players can make weapons look better by customizing it.

zula-weapons-customization-shot-1 zula-weapons-customization-shot-2 zula-weapons-customization-shot-3 zula-weapons-customization-shot-4

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