We take a look at the three classes of Ghost Recon Online

Today we bring you some videos of Ghost Recon Online, the free to play MMOTPS from Ubisoft. Each of the video focuses on each of the classes available in the game. As we already did, soon enough you will understand how essential Team-play is in this game, because if you want ot survive in Ghost Recon Online, you have to play with your companions as a team.

See the stealthy Recon, who uses stealth technology to cross the enemy lines unseen. In the video already we have unlocked its class devices, so you can see their skills in full capacity.

Here you have a Specialist, the expert in electronic warfare. Unfortunately we haven't unlocked their class devices. Even so, you can make a general idea of their play style. His light machine gun is extremely lethal.

And finally a look at the Assault class. As you can see in the video this class is designed to be at the forefront of any team drawing the enemy fire while your teammates do their job, and cover your shoulders.

If you have enjoyed these videos and you want us to publish more videos, leave us a comment and we will start working on more right away.

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