Warrior epic: new content update

True Games today announced that it has launched all-new content for the popular action-adventure MMO, Warrior Epic. The update includes a vast amount of new content including a new guild system, a brand-new lobby, new customization items and much more.

The latest update features exciting new content and polish that will enhance the playability of the already immersive MMO. One of the most exciting new updates is the new Guild System which lets players add, promote, and invite others to guild chat and send messages.

The brand-new Lobby now resides inside of the impressive Governing Providian Castle. The Warrior Hall, which is now the player's stronghold, features numerous customization features including more furniture, unique warrior customization options and all-new items to use in dungeons; including pets!

Among other new features is an all-new item called a "Revive Badge" that allows players to continue after dying three times in any play area and grants them an additional life. Up to three Revive Badges can be carried in the player's inventory and used anytime. Additionally, the new update features numerous skill balance improvements and as a result all players will receive a free skill point reset. An all new streamlined Cash Shop with updated UI, increased polish, and easier navigation is also included and allows for more a seamless experience.

"This is a major update for Warrior Epic and includes a lot of things our players have asked for," said Peter Cesario, director of product development at True Games Interactive. "We are committed to continually updating the game and providing great entertainment for our loyal warriors."

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