Warnorken Castle update for Runes of Magic

The next update will bring Runes of Magic players face-to-face with gruesome challenges in the new Dungeon ‘Warnorken Arena’ which will throw open its portal in June.

The Warnorken Castle is known to the inhabitants of Taborea as a place of no return, and with good reason. The arena beneath the castle serves as the setting for the enigmatic Baron Reuen von Jura’s terrifying contests. Here is where he sets gladiators and wild creatures against each other in fierce battles for the amusement of high-ranking audience members and himself alike. Players can enter this high-level dungeon in groups of six to confront the four most dangerous arena champions, one by one.

The first creature groups of players will encounter is the mighty dragon Manticos, which was captured by the bloodthirsty Baron von Jura and has lived ever since in the gloomy depths of Warnorken Castle. It was here that he was tamed by the malicious Annelia and now seeks to annihilate any warrior foolish enough to enter the arena. After two further battles the infamous Reuen von Jura himself finally sets foot in the arena. Many rumours surround the once heroic Baron and his sudden transformation into a feared overlord. Players will soon realize that bringing him down on his home turf is no easy undertaking. However, it is the encounter with Annelia, or ‘The Puppet Master’ as she is known throughout Zandorya, which marks the highpoint of the dungeon. She earned this foreboding name due to her intangible yet far-reaching influence on Warnorken Castle. Just what surprises does she have up her sleeve for those foolish enough to challenge her?

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