War Rock: Siege War

War Rock, a premier FPS title of GamersFirst, celebrates its 3-year anniversary (February 6th, 2010) and unleashes a new mode of game play, War Rock: Siege War.

“Our players have been patiently waiting for War Rock’s Siege War expansion,” says GamersFirst’s War Rock Producer, Jon-Enee ‘Neume’ Merriex. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this new game mode just in time for our 3rd Anniversary. Along with our live in-game events and our new Clan system, Siege War is sure to push War Rock into a new era of game play!”

New Items
• Brand new 10-day items in the marketplace.
• New Top Gun items that customize your Fighter Jets!

• Dollar Daze Event – Special featured items offered for just a dollar!
• Upgraded version of the Gold Premium, with special add-ons.

In-game Events
• X-Fire Live Broadcast (February 4th at 1pm PST): The GamersFirst team gives a walk-through of Siege War mode with our Player Moderators!

Read here all you need to know about War Rock.

Visit the official website of War Rock.

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