War is raging between guilds in TERA

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The guild system in TERA has been revamped by Gameforge and Bluehole. Players can take part in weekly guild wars outside Velika. In addition to daily quests for members and a special skill tree, guilds can now test their strength and tactics on the battlefield between 8 PM and 10 PM on Saturdays.

Since guilds play the key role at the very heart of this update, the guild system is getting a major overhaul. In future, guild masters and higher ranking members will be able to accept daily guild quests for their bands. For example, one quest might task the guild with collecting 1,200 Pilka Fibers within a certain space of time. The larger the guild, the more gold and experience are awarded for completing these quests.

Every Saturday, guilds who have purchased the blueprints for a tower will take to the battlefield in Southern Arun. Before the battle begins, they must choose a strategically suitable location to erect their tower, and then defend this structure from the onslaughts of other guilds for a two-hour period. The guild whose outpost survives until the end will be rewarded with the taxes collected over the previous week. Should two or more towers remain standing after the battle, then the capital is deemed to have been liberated by neutral parties, and the collected taxes roll over to the following week.


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