Wallie-card payment option available in Karos Online

NHN Corporation has announced that following an agreement with the international payment solution provider Wallie, players of its free-to-play online fantasy game Karos Online are now able to pay for premium game content using Wallie-cards. Wallie prepaid cards are a simple and secure method of making online payments, requiring only the card's unique code to complete transactions - no need to provide credit card or bank account details. There are no age limits on the use of Wallie-cards/e-vouchers, and they can be purchased from a wide selection of partner A-brand stores, as well as online.

"We feature only the most convenient and secure payment solutions in the Karos cash shop, and Wallie ticks those boxes. Wallie-card is a very welcome option for our European players," says Dongmin Lee, Director of International Business at NHN Corporation.

"Because we are committed to excluding clients from the gambling and adult industry, we are considered to be a highly ethical business partner. This gives us a strong competitive position in the market for payment solutions," says Annewytske Weber, Director Sales & Marketing of Wallie. "We're happy to have NHN Corporation as a partner, and look forward to providing their players with convenience and peace of mind when they buy Karos items with Wallie-cards."

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