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Windows, Mac and Linux




Wakfu is a free-to-play turn-based MMORPG that combines a live ecosystem with an interesting political system managed by the players.

Choose between 16 different classes, see a colorful world filled with monsters and rediscover the World of Twelve, where you will find its most famous locations and its most famous characters.

Regardless of the path chosen by players, in Wakfu everything depends on them.


  • Choose from 16 unique classes

  • Turn-based tactical combat

  • Detailed political system

  • Real, living ecosystem which has to be cared for by players

  • Completely free to play


1,000 years after the Dofus Era, the world of the twelve is in ruins because of the chaos caused by Ogrest, which has brought earthquakes, floods,  and tidal waves. Fortunately new heroes have appeared, bringing new hope to this desolate land. To be able to heal the world, they will have to use the Wakfu, the primordial energy of the universe. But this will not be an easy task and numerous adventures await them.


Wakfu currently features 16 original classes:

  • Cra - Specialized in long range combat, the disciples of goddess Cra are archers of the highest order who are in communion with nature.

  • Ecaflip - The Ecaflip are warrior gamblers who rule over scoundrels, thieves and the gold seekers, and play with the fate with great skill and unconsciousness. They collect cards and convert them into fearsome weapons.

  • Eniripsa - The Eniripsas have always been recognized for their talent as healers, they are able to double the lifespan of a teammate whispering to them a single word. His knowledge of the language is unmatched and is said that they speak many languages forgotten by all other races.

  • Enutrof - The gold seekers in the world of twelve, for them nothing is more important than counting their loot. Trying to make an art of greed, these treasure hunters are often accompanied by all kinds of adventurers.

  • Feca - The Fecas have always been guards who can’t stand the circumstance that anyone is mistreating or disturbing animals. They have elevated their magic to the grace of an art, but it is as precise as a science. Their shields are like a fifth and said to have lives of their own.

  • Foggernaut - Patient and careful, the Foggernauts always wait for the best moment to attack. When they fight, these masters of sabotage enjoy antagonizing opponents, exhausting progressively their opponents until they have them completely dominated.

  • Iop - The Iops are known to be brave warriors, who let their weapons speak for them. Loyal to their God, the Iops are warring and energetic warriors as well as formidable and fierce protectors.

  • Masqueraider - Hunted by the masks that give them their powers, the Masqueraiders are suspicious of everything and everyone. These lunatic warriors may seem rebels with their own agenda or solitary valiant knights, guided by their faith, their values or their feelings, as revenge.

  • Osamodas - The Osamodas are animal summoners whose civilization is based on taking care of the animals that roam the islands.

  • Pandawa - The Padawas are excellent fighters, which are true masters in the art of the fist fights and not too bad with an axe either. When lifting their pint to the gods, they are just as active with their tongue as with their fists in combat.

  • Rogue - Both heroes and criminals, the Rogues are intelligent and cunning, and use all kinds of tools and gadgets to carry out their plans.

  • Sacrier - Sacrier disciples are berserkers, which become more powerful at every stroke they receive. These strange creatures are usually found where the battles are more bloody or in a tavern.

  • Sadida - The Sadida are lazy creatures dedicated to the protection of plants and they are able to use them to defend themselves.

  • Sram - The Srams are elusive killers who hide behind their mysterious masks. They become particularly dangerous when attacking from behind and their traps can be used to manipulate battlefield.

  • Xelor - The Xelor are temporal magicians who have created the divine clock. His disciples use the time as a lethal weapon, allowing them to control the initiative and the movements of their enemies.

  • Eliotrope - The Eliotrope is capable of moving through portals, disappearing in the blink of an eye to reappear somewhere else.


In the game you can choose from a huge variety of professions with which you can specialize your character, either focusing on creating items or on collecting materials. All the characters learn the profession of Kama Minter at the beginning of the game and subsequently, they can choose to be a miner, woodsman, trapper, fisherman, farmer, herbalist, handyman, Cook, Baker, tailor, leather dealer, jeweler, armor smith or weapon smith (for ranged weapons, melee weapons or AoE weapons).

With the professions players will earn money, get resources, and help to rebuild the world. Lumberjacks and herbalists, for example, are able to planti seeds and trees to repopulate the forests, while the trappers are able gather monster seeds to maintain a sustainable population of monsters.


Combat in Wakfu is turn-based and very tactical. Each turn lasts 30 seconds, so each combatant has the opportunity to move and cast spells, but not everyone, and not at the same time. Players can fight alone, but the tactical aspect really comes into play when they fight in group. Up to six players can form a team, and it’s up to them to choose the best combination of classes. Whether fighting against monsters or other players, players not only have to plan their positioning, they will also have to take into account the dodging and blocking techniques.


In Wakfu, the ecosystem is in the hands of the players since they have the power to protect and exploit their resources and their actions have a direct impact on the game world. Players control the number of plants and monsters that exist in each territory, as well as its climate. However, players have to be careful, as resources have a direct influence on the development of their character and of their nation as a whole. The responsibility for the environment's future is all theirs.

The game world is inhabited by more than 700 types of monsters, some of them are humanoid, while others are beasts. Players can fight or capture them for their hides, skins or seeds, and depending on the character’s class some can be summoned in battle to fight along the player.


In Wakfu, players have to choose a nation. Once they have become a citizen of his chosen nation, they can vote in the elections and become a soldier or a protector of his nation, as well as having the opportunity to become an important political figure in the game. The whole system depends solely on the players, who can establish laws, elect a Governor, and form a Government.

Player's loyalty to their nation is measured in Citizenship Points. These points can be won or lost according to the laws of their nation. Players who violate laws might languish in jail one day.

Finally, the international relations of the game constantly affect all Nations. There are three states of relations between two Nations: Allied, neutral and enemy. The Governor of each nation is responsible of forming alliances or declare wars.


Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or higher, Mac 10.5.8 or higher (64-bit), Linux

  • CPU: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz

  • RAM: 512 MB

  • HDD: 950 MB of available space

  • Video Card: GeForce 4Ti (or ATI equivalent) or better

  • Internet connection: 56 kbps

Recommended requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or higher, Mac 10.6 or higher (64-bit), Linux

  • CPU: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz

  • RAM: 1GB

  • HDD: 1.2 GB of available space

  • Video Card: GeForce 6 series (or ATI equivalent) or better

  • Internet connection: 128k ADSL


Website: Wakfu

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