Wakfu has released two new character class video, presenting the Enutrof and the Fecas

Ankama has released two new character class videos of its tactical MMORPG WAKFU. The classes presented in those videos, are the Enutrof and the Fecas.

The Enutrof

The Enutrof like nothing more than counting booty and you'll often see all sorts of adventurers following them around, just waiting until their Enutrof nose smells out the next gold mine. Their god, a Golden Dragon from the skies, gave them the knowledge of all valuable things.

The Fecas

The Fecas are protectors who will not give up easily whatever treasure they are guarding. And whatever you do, don't mistreat any Gobballs when they're about... they simply can't stand to see their furry friends disturbed in any way, and that goes for all animals.

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