Visiting Yager’s Offices at Berlin

Recently we were invited to check out the PS4 version of Dreadnought at developers Yager’s Berlin office, the game has been on the scene for a while in the PC beta, but now players can prepare themselves for the PS4 release! The game itself is a team orientated space based shooter that takes a different direction to typical fast paced shooters, instead focusing on a more strategic, slower battle between huge capital ships. There are five classes of ship, with fifty available ships to unlock, all of which can be customized in various ways to best suit a players own play style.

With their ships unlocked players battle across numerous maps, ranging from space stations to low-orbit skirmishes over planetary facilities where they can fly in deep canyons and use terrain to outmanoeuvre their opponents.

The available modes are team oriented battles, PS4 players can take on a traditional Team Deathmatch in which players continue to respawn each time they die and earn points from kills, or Team Elimination where when a players main capital ship is destroyed they respawn in smaller/weaker ships, and the victor is the team which is able to eliminate all the enemy capital ships. Players on the PS4 will have exclusive access to a horde mode fighting waves of AI enemies in 3 player team coop, where the waves grow progressively stronger with each new wave.; PC players will see this addition at some point in the future.

Players will need to keep an eye on our website to see when the official PS4 beta begins, for now we know it will be in Summer of this year, but as of yet no concrete date is available.


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