Valnir Rok Available on Steam

Viking-themed Survival Sandbox RPG Valnir Rok has launched on Steam. The game, developed by Encurio GmbH, is available with a 10% discount for the price of $17.99 (regular price at $19.99).

Inspired by Norse mythology, it takes players tot he Valnir island, where they'll have to survive ferocious creatures and mythical beasts, the natural elements and other players. It features an interesting quest-system and a deep crafting system.

“In the world of Valnir Rok, there are many different ways to experience the glorious life of a Viking hero,” declares Sebastian Rahmel, Game Director of encurio GmbH. “Whether it’s becoming a noble protector to the Valnir locals, stalking monsters of legend to hunt them down for glory, or becoming a slaughtering berserker who only lives for battle, come find your Viking destiny! This is just the beginning of the journey with many updates planned to create a Norse saga worthy of Valhalla!”

Watch the launch trailer:


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