Valkyrie Sky: new stage and functional items to be added

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Global online game portal GameKiss launches an update for shoot’em up MMO Valkyrie Sky  adding a new highest level, the stage for advanced users and functional items.

As the highest level is raised from Level 20 to Level 40, the following six regions are newly introduced: Fresei, Sessrumnir, Hvergelmir, Logabrid, Noatun and Eljudnir. Each region is evenly positioned over nine sites in the world hall in Valkyrie Sky. Depending on the site it is placed at, each region has its unique concept including the land of God, the underworld and the land of Fire, which will add much more entertainment to playing the stage. Valkyrie Sky fans have already started a calm, yet fierce competition to enjoy the pleasure of first stepping on the regions and to reach the highest level earlier than other players.

The update also includes various functional items such as: coin items to revive a dead character, storage that can be shared by characters, order forms about keeping pets and slots to add characters. All these have been continuously requested by users since the official launch. Among the updated items is the costume system which allows users to dress up and customize their character's appearance. It is different from normal “mount items” which usually change abilities and skills of characters.

Read here all you need to know to play Valkyrie Sky is here. Also, you can check the official website of Gamekiss' Valkyrie Sky.


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