Valkyrie Class Now Available in TERA EU

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Gameforge and Bluehole today released a new update for TERA, introducing a new damage dealer class: the Valkyrie! Valkyries attack their enemies with graceful, fluid movements – they are elegant dancers and bringers of death, capable of using the mysterious powers of the moon.

To celebrate the occasion, a series of exclusive events will be held, all under the sign of the moon. Players receive log-in gifts for a limited time.

Playing the Valkyrie
To see the Valkyrie fight is like watching a beautiful and magical yet deadly dance. She wields a mighty glaive which she handles with ease. Players who choose the Valkyrie receive rewards for certain level-ups made before April 25; players who reach level 65 before April 7 are honored by an exclusive title.

Gifts from heaven
All TERA players receive a number of gifts to celebrate the release of the update: They just have to log in, choose the char to be gifted, redeem a code, that’s it.

And that’s not all: Starting April 6 and ending April 25, it’s Easter time in Arborea: Easter eggs can be found in all dungeons and players who find them will get great rewards.


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