UTV True Games announces Faxion Online

UTV True Games announced its first internal development project, Faxion Online. The upcoming highly competitive, fully featured MMORPG allows players to become part of the classic struggle between good and evil but with a twist.

Unique to UTV True Games, Faxion Online will feature a full, persistent world with competitive and robust PvP play and territory control. A group of industry veterans with significant experience on titles such as Shadowbane, Ultima Online and many others are developing the title. Territory control, an important and deep feature of the game, will sport two main factions - the forces of heaven and hell - where players will engage in grand battles to vie for control of a territory and influence on behalf of their side of the conflict. Players can expect to see a ground-breaking, competitive action game that strips away the typical experience and leveling grind observed in many MMORPG's today.

"UTV True Games' goal for its first internally developed product, Faxion Online, was to build a team with experience and passion for PvP MMORPG games," said Frank Lucero, Studio Head at UTV True Games. "When I log into the game, it is increasingly evident that the team's experience with PvP and territorial control games has paid off."

At the time of game launch, players will be able to choose one of three fully-featured worlds that make up Faxion Online: Heaven, Hell and Limbo. Players will have a host of character-customization options as they choose their skills, abilities and progression paths. Additionally, Faxion Online puts an irreverent twist on the usually serious subjects of heaven, hell and the seven deadly sins. Faxion Online is expected to enter beta stages in late 2010.

"We are creating Faxion Online for players who seek a fast and exciting PvP experience immersed within a rich, persistent world," said Mike Madden, Creative Director at UTV True Games. "As players of PvP MMOs themselves, the Faxion Online design team strives to preserve the depth of MMORPG play and progression while delivering the ease of entry found in today's favorite Action/RPGs."

Visit its official website.

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