Upjers has improved its building simulation MMO Cubelands

The german developer Upjers has enhanced and improved its creative building simulation Cubelands and enables its users to experience an entirely revamped gaming experience directly in their web-browsers.  In the game the players can create their own lively world and let their creativity roam free. Thanks to the unity 3D-engine, the popular open-world gameplay has received a graphic backdrop that is equally fitting and impressive.

Upjers has now released details on the latest developments and new game features that includes a new flight mode, portals that allows travel from one place to another in their own world at the speed of light, pets and new interactive cubes.

Huge pyramids, intricate labyrinths or underground tunnel systems, whatever the players’ imaginations manage to come up with may be realized on Cubelands. The modern construction kit directly in their internet browser allows player to live out their creativity in the gigantic 3D-world and enables them to design their own world based on their own personal ideas and desires. Cubelands currently is in alpha-stage and is continually being refined and improved, so its players are guaranteed to have lots of further interesting new features to look forward to in future.

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