Update with the new version for Woozworld

Today has been released a new improved version of Woozworld in order to better serve our fast-growing community. Here below you will find the details of this update.

- Implement new transaction flow
 Transaction flow has been redesigned to be easier and faster for the user.  Subscriptions or packaged bought by the user are now automatically applied to his account, removing the activation code we sent them and the needs to apply the code to their account.

- Localise promo site
Website and store have been localised in Dutch for new Dutch partners.

- Geofiltering store by country
Store will now be displayed dynamically, based on the country of the user.  Different payment methods will be shown / hidden depending on their availability in the said country.

- Implement Paypal Express
Paypal Express will now be offered to the users to make a purchase.

- Modification of user flow and implementation of new communities
New communities (Servers) will be created, though not offered to the users right away. They will be ready for when we feel the current communities are full, we will only need to "activate" them to be able to support a higher charge of traffic.

- Woozworld integration in Facebook
Users from Woozworld now have a more direct access to viral functionalities in Facebook. They could already post links on their wall (for Achievements and for their Unitz), now they will have the possibility to invite their Facebook friends to come play Woozworld directly by sending them an invite.

- Dynamic maintenance page with remaining time
From now on, when we put the server in maintenance mode to deploy a new version.  This page will display an ETA to visiting users so they know when the service will be back on.

- Invite friends to WW from your address books
Users can now invite their friends directly from their external address books (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail)

- Viral chain launch
Dubbed "WoozNet", this viral chain is a way to display to the users all the friends they directly invited (through email, address books, or Facebook) to Woozworld, the friends of their friends, and so on.  Every user the user invited (or his own friends invited) brings an additional benefit to the user, which encourage users to invite as many people as possible to the game.

- Ability to add new partners without MEP
It will be now easier and faster to add new partners to our system, without any maintenance time.

- Implement pixel tracking
We've added a new type of tracking for new partners type.

- Redesign top menu
We've redesigned part of the interface to have clearer information and easier navigation for the user.

Check here all you need to know about Woozworld. And visit its official website.

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