Upcoming Free to play MMOs, 2017


2017 is looking to be a great year for free to play games, quite a few MMORPGs and Asian imports finally making their way over to us in the West, as well as some pretty unique MMOs. Below is the list of some of the games we're anticipating the most, however, if you think there's any we missed off then let us know down in the comments!

The first of our asian style fantasy MMORPGs players will battle their way through a traditional open world battling against abominations and an evil power set to bring chaos to the realm. Revelation Online is a stunning looking title from its huge open vistas, dense forest wilderness, towering cityscapes and deep, dark and dangerous dungeons. Explore the seamless world without the hindrance of loading screens and check out the beautiful environments on offer.

Being brought to the west through publishers My.com the game already exists in Asia and is extremely popular, with intense PVE and PVP combat, players will find the fast paced combat both fun and challenging as they are forced to actively dodge enemies and their abilities. Learn how to fly to quickly get around and reach those hard to get to places, as well as engage in aerial combat!


Revelation Online screenshot 4 Revelation Online screenshot 2

The future is bleak and the battle for resources and pride is just a part of life, choose your faction and scavenge the post-apocalyptic landscape in search of pieces and tech to construct your own Mad Max style battle-worthy vehicles and take them into various PVP battle arenas with multiple modes and maps.

Creating your own vehicles and battling with them in team based PVP is the name of the game; Craft – Ride – Destroy, players are able to loot and construct various individual components, from armor, tech, weapons, wheels and more. Building the chassis structure players then add each component to their constructed vehicles individually, allowing them to create all types of vehicles such as a three-wheeler bike with mounted flamethrower, or an armored van with battering spikes and machine guns; in battle each individual component, armor and structure parts can be destroyed making combat fun and tactical.


Crossout GC 2015 RW1 Crossout GC 2015 RW2

Developed using the Unreal Engine 4 this real time strategy allows players to command their own fleet of spaceships and engage in open world combat, Starfall Tactics boast two key features: customization and tactics, that work hand in hand with each other. Whilst players control a fleet of ships they are able to micro-customize each individual vehicle, control them independently, and give a high level of strategy and tactics to their battles where depending on the techs and skills they have equipped will determine what options they have in combat and allow them to sculpt their unique individual strategy to their own style of play.

With their assembled fleet players will then be able to explore the world, fighting against dangerous AI enemies and taking on challenging raid content, alternatively entering skirmishes with real players in open world combat or battling in The Outer Regions for territory for clan and faction.

A Korean MMORPG import and another beautiful looking title, Bless allows players to battle through the seamless open world (once again without any loading screens) in quest based PVE content or compete against other players in PVP battles and Realm v Realm wars.

The game has ten available races to choose from across two different factions, with eight classes that offer completely different playstyles with their different skills and abilities, which can be further customized. Players can play with the powerful character creator to design the look of their hero to the smallest details ensuring every character looks unique.


Bless screenshot 6 Bless screenshot 1

A strategy meets Action MMO title, in the game players take on the role of powerful and ancient Fatebinders; those responsible for the fate of the world and the ones who have waged war for generations in an endless conflict. As a Fatebinder grows more powerful they will have access to more class-based champions they can play as, with currently four classes available, and battle in arena based PVP matches.

Beyond the arena Fatebinders have their own settlements to protect and progress, acquiring resources through battle they can improve the life of their people, improve their crafters and adventurers who will head out into the world collecting rare relics. Players can engage in a political system where they are able to shape the world through intrigue and diplomacy.


Warhold screenshot 1 Warhold screenshot 3

Set in Ancient China players will command their own squad of troops as great warlords battle one another in the power vacuum that has been created at the fall of one of the countries most powerful dynasties. A third person tactical PVP MMO players will battle each other in huge arena based environments completing objectives and trying to destroy one another's warlord.

In combat players control not only their warlord character, able to fight in action based PVP combat, but also a squad of troops that they can customize, equip and command in battle offering a strategic element to gameplay. Battle through various modes, capture points to weaken the enemy Adjutant warlord and their troops or secondary objectives to boost your own men, and lead your team to victory.


tiger-knight-screenshot-5 tiger-knight-screenshot-9

Set in the 22nd century both inherent super-powers and advanced tech have brought on an era of super-crime, in Valiance Online players can play the hero of the villain in the city of San Cielo as they explore this story focused MMORPG with PVE questing and PVP content.

The game allows players to choose from a number of different characters which in turn will define their archtype, each character having different types of skills and superpowers to use in combat against their opponents.


valiance-shot-1 valiance-shot-2

Published by Nexon the game is a visual masterpiece, as players explore the huge world it will look and feel like they are part of an interactive anime with the impressive graphics going beyond a simple "anime theme" and truly look like an animated show.

Players will adventure across the land as one of many classless characters, their own abilities and powers defined by the pets and monsters they are able to capture in a Pokémon style gameplay, with a huge range of creatures to discover. Players can engage in official PVE quest content or even create environments and quest challenges for each other with a sandbox style toolkit.


peria-shot-1 peria-shot-2

An official follow up from Webzen's MU Online, the hack n' slash action RPG MMO returns in all its glory as players carve out a name for themselves battling through a variety of dark and gritty zones and randomized dungeons that scale their difficulty based on the player fighting dozens of opponents at once and taking on deadly bosses.

Fight solo or as a party, customizing your character to suit your playstyle, players can choose from five unique gender locked classes and customize them with a detailed skill system, optimizing their character even further with gear and pets for more combat options.


mu-legend-shot-2 mu-legend-shot-1

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