Uncharted Waters Online is celebrating a special giveaway for new comers

Netmarble is celebrating special giveaways for Uncharted Waters Online new comers. Following full month, new players will receive Novice Sailor’s Item pack simply by logging in. This novice package includes the essential items to help new players; basic water and food, Sailing and Surveying Skill Handbook, Anti-Natural Disaster Item, Fishing Skill, LifeSavers and more.

Beside the Novice Sailor’s Item giveaway, players will also have a chance to win 3 more packaged items and even a vessel just by leveling up. Very first voyage will not be easy for new comers, but players will soon become a master of exploration who never lives away from the ocean.

Event Detail (Until March 21)

- Receive Novice Sailor’s Item pack - As soon as you log-in to the game, you will receive a Novice Sailor Package.
- Acquire 3 Additional Sailor’s Item Packages - Get some mastery on each skill (Adventure, Trade, Battle) to receive more packaged items. Adventurer’s Item, Soldier’s Item, Merchant’s Items are available to obtain.
- Win a Vessel! - When a player reaches Lv20 of all 3 skill criteria will receive a vessel.

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