UFO Online is celebrating a closed beta key giveaway

Gamigo with FREE MMORPG and MMO Reviews, are giving away 500 closed beta keys for UFO Online. In the strategic browser-based game UFO Online, humanity has also made the mistake of trusting the aliens. A terrible mistake, as it turns out. The supposedly-peaceful aliens soon turn out to be nasty invaders looking to exploit our planet's resources. While a majority of the population still believes their lies, three factions of resistance fighters form to take up arms against the aliens.

Remember that we invite all our users to send us screenshots, videos, or whatever you want in relation with the promotion and we will publish it. You can send it Here.

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook: .
Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.
Step 3. Go to here.
Step 4. Create an account, you can enter the beta key in the registration form!.
Step 5. If you already have an account, please go to and enter the beta key there.

2 Comentarios de UFO Online is celebrating a closed beta key giveaway

  1. lionbreaker

    key is not working

  2. Partl

    Beta-Key is not valid… did i do something wrong, or is this a ripOff?

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