UFO Online: Fight for Earth has started its second closed beta

Gamigo has announced the start of the its second closed beta for its turn-based strategy game UFO Online: Fight for Earth. Highlights of this second beta are the expanded PvE content, two new alien characters and a loot system that allows players to pocket loot during a mission. Missions have been made more challenging and diverse by random alien spawn points and maps. Combat has also been given more depth with the addition of different target zones, standing with one's back to an opponent is not a good choice if one hopes to survive. The expandable player base has been given an complete overhaul. Its new appearance provides a better overview and is more interactive.

These are the biggest improvements and additions for the second beta phase at a glance:

- Significantly expanded PvE content (two new aliens, new loot system, missions more dynamic with random spawns and maps)
- Completely overhauled base that provides a better overview, more interaction and visual feedback
- Increased tactical depth through character target zones with varying amounts of armor
- Improved user interface with additional features to increase ease of use (drag & drop, direct control by double-clicking)
- Comprehensive tutorial that explains all of the games most important features in 10 minutes
- Improved graphics effects in general and weapons effects in particular
- Optimization of the performance, especially in the Flash part of the game

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