Ubisoft Digital Days: Exclusive Presentation EndWar Online

During our visit to Ubisoft’s Digital Days press event we were given a presentation of the newly revealed Tom Clancy’s: Endwar Online and a chance to play two rounds of the game against another player.  This MOBA style tactical post-apocalypse game puts you in charge of your own army in a fight for global domination ten years after WWIII.

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The presentation walked us through the basics of the MMO; a territorial fight across the world in certain key regions where you fight for influence (not control as these areas never switch hands). You will unlock various generals, nine in total, each of which controls their own types of units (infantry, tanks, air-strikes, anti-air, etc.). You are also able to  customize the units themselves with your choice of weaponry, armour and skills, so you can customize them to your own favoured strategy.


The battle map itself consists of three lanes (conveniently labelled A, B and C) linking yours and the enemy' base. In the game you will send wave after wave towards your enemy, whilst they will be doing the same. Finding the balance of attacking units in this Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy is the key to victory. If the enemy sends a group of tanks, then you’ll need to send helicopters to take them out, to which they will respond by sending anti-aircraft.

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You will have to modify your own tactics on the fly, depending on what your enemy intends to do. As you can only field a limited number of units at any time, and some attacks such as "Air Strikes" can only be performed a certain number of times, it really does make for an interesting tactical game.

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Along the route, there are also tactical resources that Infantry units can take, adding another element of strategy to the game, as both sides push forward trying to destroy the opponents base. There is also a PvE Campaign included in the game, 10 locations around the world, each with their 10 missions, and 5 factions in total; giving 500 PvE missions, but PvP is really where the game shines.

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When trying out the title ourselves, the combat was fast and fun, leading to a game time of around 5 to 10 minutes each game. The mechanics and controls were easy to pick up and we found ourselves quickly fielding our Russian units, dominating our opponent (some other poor press guy) and sealing a 2 – 0 victory for Mother Russia!

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