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Free to play MMO FPS




Hi-Rez Studios


This fast pace action shooter puts players to work together in team focused co-op games fighting against another team in frantic PVP battles trying to complete different objectives across a variety of terrains and locations. Players are able customize their character using different classes, perks, weapons and skins in this free to play MMO that also has micro-transaction options available.


  • 9 Classes to choose from

  • Play in 6 classic game modes

  • Fight across more than a dozen maps

  • Plenty of weapons in all shapes and sizes

  • Fly and drive your own vehicles

  • Use the skiing feature and jetpacks to get around the map

  • Completely free to play


Taking many traditional FPS elements players will find themselves in a futuristic setting where two factions fight against each other, using sophisticated futuristic weapons and vehicles the game focuses on PVP battles. Through these matches players level up with XP and earn new rank levels, as well as earning currency and rewards to improve their character and increase their loadouts.


Players can choose from nine available classes:

  • Light Armor – Infiltrator, Sentinel, Pathfinder – The physically weakest classes that make up for their lack of physical prowess and low armor with increased movement and agility; using the skiing feature these classes zip around the map faster than anyone else. Light Armor feature the
    Infiltrator who can use their cloak to sneak behind enemy lines to kill targets or destroy base assets.

  • Medium Armor – Raider, Technician, Soldier – More of an all-rounder the medium armor classes can take a little extra damage and output more than the light armor, but they sacrifice some mobility. Medium armor features the Technician who is able to place down turret weapons that will attack enemy players, they can also use their repair tool to repair any vehicles or base turrets and generators.

  • Heavy Armor – Brute, Doombringer, Juggernaut – They slowest troops on the battlefield, these hard hitting warrior can take a lot of damage before yielding to the enemy, suitable for defending a base, flag or capture point. The heavy armor features the Juggernaut who has improved artillery attacks for destroying stationary targets such as building structures and vehicles.


Two of the more unique components to the game are the incorporation of skiing and jetpacks, useful for getting around the map quickly or too hard to reach places, but also during combat to pursue a target or evade one. Jetpacks allow players to scale buildings, cliffs and reach floating platforms, they are also used in combination with skiing. Skiing, using the spacebar, allows players to glide along the ground at speed in a straight line, with a minimal amount of steering, when skiing downhill players can pick up a lot of speed to have them rocket across the map. However, momentum is lost when a player tries to ski uphill and so a quick blast of the jetpacks allows them to leap over hills then carry on skiing to keep up their speed.

Skiing is an extremely useful and fun mechanic in the game, particularly in capture the flag mode where the skiing speed far outweighs normal movement; the Pathfinder in particular is extremely fast when skiing.


There are six game modes to play:

  • Team Deathmatch – a standard team v team fight where each side has 125 lives that are slowly depleted as any team member dies, if it reaches 0 the team loses, or if the match time runs out then the team with the most remaining lives is the winner

  • Arena – a variation of Team Deatchmatch on a smaller arena map with 5 v 5 and 25 lives

  • Capture the Flag – traditional CtF mode has each team trying to simultaneously defend their team flag in their base whilst grabbing the enemies; to score a point a team must bring the enemy flag to their own teams flag point which requires their flag to be in place

  • Blitz – the same CtF rules, but the team flags spawn in different locations

  • Rabbit – a capture the flag game with a single flag that both teams fight for, by holding the flag a team acquires points every few seconds, the winner is the team with the most points when the timer runs out or if a team loses all its lives

  • Capture and Hold – here both teams fight over 3 to 5 points that must be held to earn points and claim victory


  • Operating System: Win XP , Win Vista , Win 7

  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo2.4

  • Memory: 2GB

  • Hard Drive Space: 10GB

  • Graphics: NVidia or AMD 256MB Ram with support for Shader Model 2.0

  • Sound: DirectX Compatible

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