Travian has launched a winter update for Rail Nation

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Travian has launched a new winter update for Rail Nation, which brings a new snowy map, lots of new features, and a great selection of new content.

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The main new features of this update are:

  • Snowy map: The new snowy map brings a full winter landscape to Rail Nation. Conductor William L. Smith is also dressed accordingly.

  • Sitter mode: If a player is unable to log in for some time, or is away for the (Christmas) holidays, they can now nominate up to two friends to take care of their Rail Nation account during their absence. Players can also decide which actions a sitter may carry out.

  • City competitions: 5 neighbouring cities can compete against each other in the new city competitions. The determining factor for success in these competitions is the good with the lowest stock level in each city at the start of the competition respectively. The city, which manages the greatest amount of deliveries of that particular good during the course of the competition wins and will receive twice the delivery premium for all city goods for one day. The runner up cities will also receive a bonus, decreasing according to their ranking.

  • Revised integration: The logic of integration has been revised completely. A bonus can also be gained in future when a player is simultaneously delivering and collecting goods. The good with the lowest stock level determines the bonus.

  • Improved city selection: Finding your friends from past rounds has never been easier. The improved city selection does now include, among other things, a feature to search for player names.

  • Stars for avatars: The player profile now displays stars, showing how successful a player has been in past rounds.

  • Improved licence screen: To allow for a better overview, licences can now be filtered by the type of good. No longer required licences can be handed back, in order to make room for new ones.

  • Selectable lottery prizes: If a player wins a licence or a waggon, the good it can be used with is no longer selected at random, but can be chosen by the player. The category of a won clothing item can also be selected by the player.

Source of information: Travian Games press release.

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