Transformers Universe: 2 More Characters Revealed

Transformers Universe - news

Jagex has just revealed 2 additional characters that will join the roster of Decepticons and Autobots in their future MMO Transformers Universe and also published a gameplay trailer for each new transformer.

Decepticon Conduit is as skilled a healer as his is a deadly killer and uses his lethal blaster rifle to destroy his enemy’s shields and health while keeping his allies alive and ready to continue the fight with his healing pistols and shotgun.

Autobot Front-Line is a former vigilante who enforces his own brand of justice against the forces of Megatron. His powerful minigun is able to destroy an enemy’s shield as he additionally wields a giant hammer and dual axes to inflict severe body damage.

The official website provides a full bio page for each character to give detailed information on them.

Source of information: Jagex press release.


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