TQDigital has presented Conquer Online3.0 the sequel of Conquer Online2.0

TQDigital has presented Conquer Online3.0, the sequel to NetDragon’s successful free-to-play MMORPG, Conquer Online2.0. While preserving many popular features of its predecessor, Conquer Online3 will also welcome tons of new elements as well as improvements.

In Conquer Online3, the control will be simpler, both the PvP and PvE battle will be more challenging and the balance for classes will be reshaped with each class having their own specialties. At the same time, the controversial Battle Power feature will be eliminated.

In addition to the game system, the graphics of Conquer Online3.0 will also be enhanced to a higher level. Holding up to the Chinese hand-painted style, the world of Conquer Online3 will be portrayed more elaborately to make every detail of the environment vivid. Compared with the current game, the landscape of ancient China is more delicately displayed in a realistic style with mysterious oriental martial arts elements added in. Plus the wealth of colors used in the creation, the world of Conquer Online3 will definitely become a dream place for gamers to visit when it is open.

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  1. Hungry~Hustla


    Ive been wondering that where is online chat???
    it would be good because when new comers come to look out web site they would see chat and they can ask abt game and get hooked up easyer ofc its allways nice to chat spesially when server maint comes thats good place to inform abt things also!

    I hope u consider this suggestion

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