Toram Online Introduces a Housing System


ASOBIMO Inc. has released long-awaited new systems: “Housing” and “Pet” for Free-to-Play MMORPG “Toram Online” in the latest update. Please download the app from Google Play or App Store.

Finally, “Housing” and “Pet” System have been released in this update! Housing System allows you to build your own houses and gardens on your land. By collecting material points and items, you can create the items to build your house such as walls, floor tiles, furniture and more goods for interior accessories. By setting your land as Public Mode, other players can visit your land. If you have a garden on your land, stray monsters, which you can tame as pets, may visit your land. Unlike going on an adventure, you can peacefully enjoy the game with the new system!

Also, Pet System enables you to capture the monsters in the fields. After feeding and disciplining the monsters, you can call a captured monster as your support on your adventure. Each pet has various natures and types and their growth depends on their potential. By raising your pets, they can learn special skills and distribute stat points like your own characters.

Along with the implementation of Pet System, new skill tree: “Tamer Skills” has been added. Learn the skill tree at the library in Sofya City to capture pets! If you distribute skill points to the skills, the time limit to capture can be shortened, the maximum level of monsters that you can capture can be raised, and there are more ways to make it easier. Please look forward to our future update!


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