Thirty Kingdoms Emeralds Giveaway

Thirty Kingdoms - Exclusive Giveaway - EN

In case you've always dreamt of establishing your own kingdom, you should absolutely leap at this opportunity. We're offering a package of 13,000 emeralds (worth 4.99€) to smooth your journey to greatness in Thirty Kingdoms. Starting today all though August 26, you'll receive 13,000 emeralds you'll be able to spend as you like when signing up for a new account through our website by activating the PLAY button further below.

Some time ago, we did a hands-on test you may be interested in checking out and published a gameplay video commenting our first impressions you are able to watch right here:

Thirty Kingdoms is a strategy-based browser MMO game that playable for absolutely free and allows players to etsablish their very own empire. In order to do so, they will be required to manage different provinces, which act like independent cities, to ultimately evolve and expand.

In case you're interested in finding out more about this title, feel free to activate the INFO button below.

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