Third chapter of Runes of Magic now open

Today sees the main expansion of the third chapter of Runes of Magic, "The Elder Kingdoms". The game servers have just opened with the updated version again.

The latest large expansion for the free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) adds one unexplored new region on the new continent Zandorya with a challenging new dungeon to the game world. Besides many other new features like the new PvP battleground Tyrefen Mountain Range and an enhanced skills system, the update includes the introduction of integrated voice chat to improve communication between players. The expansion installs automatically when launching the game.

Due to the continuing growth of the Runes of Magic community, Frogster has launched additional German, French, and Spanish language servers today. Starting tomorrow, all players can participate in an exciting release community contest, the "Level 58 Olympics", where they can obtain valuable item packages. More information about that will be given on the official website and in the forums.

What's new in Chapter III?

- Level-cap raised to 58
- Two new zones with brand new dungeons and world bosses
- Enabling of battles involving entire guilds with the new siege wars feature
- Expanded monster compendium
- New party search tool
- New crafting system to create fusion stones with individual values
- Newly expanded skill system linked to armor sets
- Two selectable difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
- New token system allowing players to trade for exclusive armor sets
- Guild buffs available in guild castles
- New guild mini-games

Upcoming in the course of Chapter III

- Level-cap raised to 60
- Two-player mounts
- New role playing elements including a marriage system
- New dungeons
- New zones

Check here all you need to know about Runes of Magic. And visit its official website.

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