Third Allods Online EU CBT launches tomorrow

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After two highly successful and critically acclaimed Closed Beta Test phases across Europe, gPotato Europe is glad to announce the start of the third phase of testing of Allods Online. Servers will be patched during the afternoon of Wednesday January 13th with an increase in the maximum level to 34. This specific level is the limit before a quest chain can be accepted that enables players to build their own Astral Ships.

The last half of January will have a taste of challenge for the players as the Allods Online Ultimate Stress Test: “Slaughter Week” begins, Monday January 18th. On this occasion, all players are invited to login ‘en masse’ and stress the game as part of the Beta Test. A number of in-game events will be organised by the Allods Online team over the week.

To celebrate Slaughter Week, all currently pre-registered players will be able from tomorrow on to download and log in the game. Instant access will also be granted to all those who register between 13 – 22 January.

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