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Heroes & Generals is an intriguing first person shooter meets real time strategy free to play MMO set in World War 2; players get to take on the role of Generals controlling the flow of war and distribution of resources in the RTS portion of the map or engage in classic shooter action as a Hero. The game has been around a few years now and has some truly engaging features and ideas, unfortunately there is also so much that is holding this game back and stopping it from being perfect.

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  • Buying Upgrades Takes Way Took Long - The free to play options becomes extremely grindy when trying to get new items. Heroes & Generals isn’t the only game that forces players to build up their earned in game currency to buy new items, whether guns and consumables in a shooter, new card packs in a card collecting game, or items and mounts in an MMORPG. However, the rate at which you acquire to spend gold in this way is extremely slow, excruciatingly slow, to the point where it feels like it is deliberately manipulated in this way to get players to pay for the Premium membership option that increases your gold income, or buying some of the weapons by spending real world cash, it’s “pay for convenience” but by making doing otherwise seriously inconvenient. They need to tweak down the amount that it costs to get upgraded, because that aside the whole issue is made even worse by the next point…

  • You Have to Pay For Repairs - It costs a lot of in game cash to keep playing the base game. All games have money sinks, it makes sense in many ways, and plenty of games have Repair costs, but Heroes & Generals goes beyond. Not only do you have to save your limited income to upgrade, you also have “repairs” in the mix and “ammo” costs that you also need to pay for, standard stuff that every player generally needs in the game; if your weapon doesn’t get repaired then quite simply it becomes unusable. When you’re in a game and there’s a tank and you have an anti-tank rocket launcher the player has to sit there and think “Is it financially worthwhile for me to destroy this tank based off how much cash I get for killing it versus how much it costs per missile?”, instead of just being able to play the game, then you have serious problems. It further propagates the difficulty of getting better gear because your money goes out much quicker than it comes in. Paying for repairs shouldn’t exist and paying for standard ammo is a joke, having both systems in place (pay for repairs and pay for new gear) on the same currency is just a subtle push to paying for Membership.

  • Open Beta/Early Access - The game has been in open beta for over a year. The game doesn’t change enough to warrant being called a beta, no fundamental changes are happening because of feedback, the title simply feels like a way for the developers to say “Things aren’t perfect, there are problems, but we’re only in open beta” as if it justifies the issues. The developers need to accept that the game is probably in the state that it’s always going to be in and take the criticisms that come with it as a launched product that isn’t perfect instead of letting people get involved and play “Early Access”.

  • Map Limitations - The map and mode rotation are a little tired. The maps that the game has aren’t terrible, far from perfect but they are fun when you first start playing. The problem is that there are so few of them and it’s always the same objectives and so always the same strategies, places to hide, tactics to use, ambush locations, etc. It doesn’t take that long to feel like you’ve played the maps to death, even as a casual player, and new maps just aren’t pushed out quickly enough. Furthermore is that the three point objectives are always the same and it does get boring having big groups split into three locations. Whilst we’d love to see more maps introduced we’d settle initially for just changing up the location and number of capture points on the map, or make the capture locations more dynamic so they’re not in the same spot all the time but spawn in different places to keep players guessing.

  • You Can’t Switch Characters - If you’re playing a game with one character, you can’t play another game until it ends. This is a major frustration with the game, particularly when there are plenty of other games that offer the alternative. Games such as World of Tanks let players have a variety of vehicles to play as, if they’re using one tank in a battle and they are destroyed, or they quit the game, then they jump into another battle with one of their other vehicles. In Heroes & Generals you have to wait for a match to end before you can play as one of your other characters. There’s plenty of shooters out there now that when you are killed and respawn you can choose one of your other available classes (e.g. Dirty Bomb), this is something we’d love to see as given that the “Lives” each team has is supposed to be representative of the different troops coming into the battle, then it makes sense that you could switch up your classes to counter the enemies current composition.

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These are some of the things that we would change about Heroes & Generals, but what do you think? What would you change about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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