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A team based objective focused MMO FPS Dirty Bomb is a completely free shooter from Nexon where players can choose from a rather large roster of mercenary characters and fight each other over a variety of dynamic maps where the area and mission will change as the game progresses. The game is extremely fast paced and quite unique with its objective based battles in comparison to other MMOFPS games on the market, however it doesn’t stop there.

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  • Objective Focused Missions - Goal orientated battles with something to fight for are always more fun. Whether shooters or MMORPG battlegrounds, we’ve always turned our noses up at straight up Team Deathmatches, it always feels like such an arduous game mode that gets pretty boring after a while. With Dirty Bomb not only is there objectives to each map, but there’s MULTIPLE objectives for both the attackers and the defenders that changes as you advance through the map. It adds in to the more story driven element and changes the pace combining lots of classic game modes into a single battle: capture flag, suitcase grab, bomb detonation, point capture, etc. and so there’s never a lull in the battle.

  • Map Design - The level design is extremely fun. In combination with the objective based battles comes the clever level design made to facilitate and compliment them; each individual portion of a map is designed with time and effort that you are more likely to see in a single player shooter than an MMO. The game isn’t as simple as filling a room with crates for players to hide behind, or a mirrored battleground that works the same regardless of which team you are one; both sides have pros and cons to their starting locations and areas they will occupy throughout the battle, sometimes they will be in more defensible positions and other times have to push hard to get to the enemy keeping a constant back and forth flow in the match that keeps it exciting.

  • 17 Classes - There are seventeen different classes/characters available. For a shooter this isn’t exactly the norm, and instead we’d typically see more focus on loadout customization, however Dirty Bomb definitely leans towards a more MOBA style of thinking. With the different classes there’s a huge range of abilities and tactics available unique to each of them, making certain team compositions and combos extremely powerful and more than just a little extra flavour on a character or a slightly different skill, each character is completely different from the next insofar as the abilities and mechanics of how they should be played. Characters are unlocked by purchasing them with cash or in game currency, but can be played on a rotation system (similar to MOBA) so players can try before they buy if that character is on free rotation that cycle.

  • Switching Characters - You can change your characters during battle. You see plenty of shooters where after each death you can change your loadout, forgoing the sub-machine gun and instead picking up the shotgun for a while, but in Dirty Bomb you get to change your entire class, which completely changes the team composition and available strategy. Whilst playing on your own without friends means that this offers a little extra customization to the situation, or allows you to try out your own personal tactics and changing to a class that will currently suit what is happening in the game, on a wider level with organize Clan play it means there is an extremely high level of strategy at hand where players change their team classes and composition for each objective and area.

  • The Humour - The game has a nice tone and sense of humour about it. From the general introduction you get that whilst the theme of the game is serious in a way that Team Fortress 2 isn’t, it has that same tongue in cheek feel about it. When starting out the game the tutorial speaks candidly to players and giving them tips and pointers to be a worthy teammate, how to not suck, and literally offers advice to “Don’t be a dick”, which it reiterates as its key point at the end of the tutorial video.

  • Acquiring Loadouts - Bronze level loadouts are pretty easy to get. Players do not get to individually choose each weapon for their loadout and must instead unlock “loadout cards” from packs (similar to a TCG), a full set of weapons and gear that are assigned to specific characters. Whilst there’s elements of the loadouts system we’re not huge fans of, for example the lack of individual customization and the absolute grind to try and get higher than Bronze gear, it’s not actually that big an issue as Bronze level equipment is pretty much all you’ll need and anything higher is more or less cosmetic. You get plenty of currency through playing and completing missions, which makes the “pay to win” considerably less than a lot of people may initially give the game credit for.

  • Promising Future - The game has a lot of potential. Dirty Bomb is still in open beta and doesn’t have a massive amount of modes, essentially 5v5 or 8v8 objective based team deathmatch or stopwatch mode, and seven maps. However, given the size of each map, the objective based progression with both the location that you fight in and the task you must complete changing, essentially you have 3 maps and modes within each single match. From the effort that has been put into the game, the objectives, the tutorial, the characters and even the cinematic we know that Dirty Bomb definitely has the possibility of being a big hit.

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These are some of the things that we love about Dirty Bomb, but what do you think? What do you love about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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