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DEVELOPERS: Studio Virtys



This fantasy MMO RPG allows players to create their own fantasy hero and turn them into a legend, assisted by various companions that they will pick up on their journey as they adventure across the realm discovering treasure, monsters and glory… If they want to. Not every hero is made with a sword and shield, players can rise as a legendary crafter, artisan and even and more infamous spy, is open game allows players to play how they want to. The game doesn’t require a client download and can be played in your Internet browser as well as being completely free to play.


  • Design and play your own hero and achieve greatness in your line of work

  • Play as an Artisan, Crafter, Adventurer, Spy, Explorer and more

  • Dynamic skill levelling allows you to level up other skills in the same skill category

  • Make a name to yourself as an explorer creator of works of art

  • Discover terrifying dungeons and discover the treasures inside

  • Hire the services of companions to aid you

  • Free to play


Upon joining the game, players must decide what type of path they wish to follow and what type of hero they will become, will they be explorer discovering new lands and venturing where others there not tread, or a fierce soldier defending the realm from evil and monstrous creatures or an architect whose famed amongst the upper classes for the beautiful mansions and palaces that they can construct. Whether and adventurer clearing out dungeons or a miner clearing a cave of its valuable gems and ore, there is always somebody that will want your services and always away to make a name for yourself.


starting out the game with only a handful of skills to help you get by it is only wants your chosen your purpose that you are able to develop your abilities and become a master of your profession. The game itself has no levels and is completely skill-based, players will increase their skills simply by using them and becoming more proficient and skilled in a particular area. Each skill has a value out of 100 that gives a visual of how skilled they are in that particular area.

As well as individual skills there are different skill categories that each skill is a part of, for example woodworking, carpentry and lumberjack skills all fall under the “wood” specialisation, by training up one of these skills it will directly increase to some effect the other skills within that category representing the heroes grasp on their profession and the various areas of it.

Various recipes can be learned, each of them having a specific skill value necessary to learn it, monsters and studied and learned and the player is able to create items with it. Each item that can be created in the game through a respirator will require different material components, these can either be harvested through a particular harvesting skill, one often associated with the particular craft skill you’re trying to use, purchased from other players or occasionally looted. It is impossible for one player to master every profession and have access to every resource and so encourages communication and trade between players from more player driven economy.


Whether the Squire to a Knight or a journeyman apprentice to a master, companions come in all shapes and sizes and will help serve their hired employers to a fault. Companions have their own specific qualities and skills that they are proficient in and so players should only seek to hire those that will complement their own skills if they wish to train or hire those that have skills the player lacks but needs access to. The key skill that players require to control and hire companions is the leadership skill, enabling them to use charm, charisma and authority to lead humanoids. However, companions can also come in animal/beast/monster form and will require players to be trained in taming.


The world of Therian Saga is a vast land divided up into various fantastic and wonderful terrains that a simple peasant could not hope to traverse alone, requiring particular exploration skills to successfully navigate specific terrains such as mountainous peaks, desert lands and forests. Those who want to focus as an explorer will be able to travel to places and see things that other people could only dream about.


Internet browser

Website: Therian Saga

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