The Trool Fair and the Mobile Arenas have arrived to Wakfu

Ankama has released a new content update for their MMORPG WAKFU, which introduces the Trool Fair, Mobile Arenas, a new pet, and many other tweaks and balances.

The Trool Fair is world renowned carnival that takes up an entire island and holds more than twenty mini-games. The Fair can be accessed from all of the four nations and prizes can include tokens, unique items, or even a pet.
Some of the attractions include: Gladiatrool, the Gold Rush, the Enutrof Game, and the Quaquack Pond. Besides, a zoo may also provide an enjoyable experience, and there are plenty more surprises at the Trool Fair.

The mobile arenas are dungeons which are accessible from territories and where players fight waves of monsters, alone or in a group. The goal is to survive as long as possible and take down the most enemies. Mobile arenas are available to all players and will offer exclusive items to unlock, which vary according to the player’s level.

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