The Shadow Curse is available for TLBB has announced the latest chapter in the TLBB saga with the launch of the game’s token shop and expansion pack titled ‘The Shadow Curse’ (v0.85).

Set to grace the European ‘Dragon’ server, it follows the story of an evil villain who’s prepared to stop at nothing in order to gain power and rule a kingdom protected by the Emperor and his army. This ultimate clash between good and evil sets the scene for a gripping expansion full of exciting features and goodies including 4 rare artifact weapons available for capture, 2 ice cool areas that offer a visual treat to players, quests to enthral the best, new bosses, a fantastic new social tool and a level cap of a whopping 100 plus more.

The Shadow Curse also branches out to offer the community an extended event that has been enabled through its original storyline. Titled the ‘Cursed Brother’, this event sees players teaming up with the Emperor and his army to contain an evil Jiang Shi force (living dead) that has been created by the ruthless Shadow Master Ting.

Check here all you need to know about TLBB. And visit its official website.

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