The Saga: Iria continues in Mabinogi with Episode 4

In Mabinogi, Nexon's free-to-play fantasy-themed MMO, the drama takes its course with the fourth episode of The Saga: Iria. "Mystic Training: The Ritual" starts off with the player and Shamala finding Millia at the Ant Pit. The later, however, does not want to be interrupted.

Nevertheless, Shamala is able to convince Millia to come to the holy land of shamans to train in the use of her powers. The janitor Demote lets her know that only Akule had the strength to train a power as great as Millia's. A crazy ex-shaman named Lelach, who bears a striking resemblance to Akule, claims he can train Millia. With the help of the Elves and Giants, they complete the charm Akule was making for the player, which is able to exorcise the demon within the player. They return to the holy land, and meet with representatives of the Elves and Giants:

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