The Raksha Temple of Runes of Magic

The next update for Runes of Magic will bring players a new addition, called “The Raksha Temple”. This gives players a new dungeon, located in the recently introduced Northern Janost Forest, and offers, for the first time, the ability to choose between three levels of difficulty for their expeditions inside the temple.

"Legend tells of the Angren people, half-beast and half-human, who were bestowed the Northern Janost Forest by King Kalume for their efforts in the war against the demons that were threatening Zandorya. However, upon settling in their new territory, the Angren were forced to fight against the deity of the forest, Raksha, who believed the Angren would destroy the forest for their settlement. The conflict ended in an agreement that the half-beast, half-men would not harm the forest, and they would assist the deity in protecting the forest against outsiders. In return, the protective god would accept them as part of the forest and place them under his protection while hiding in a sacred temple.





After centuries of peace, the balance of this agreement has been compromised, and Lashana, the current leader of the Angren, is calling out for help. It is up to the adventurers sent by the young King Callaway to answer this call."

The Raksha Temple dungeon invites Runes of Magic players to explore the sanctuary in order to calm the anger of the awoken gods and discover what lies behind their fury. When entering the temple, players are offered the possibility of choosing from three levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard. Evidently, the harder the level; the better the rewards acquired when players calm the wrath of the gods.

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