The new expansion for Tales of Fantasy will go live tomorrow


Tales of Fantasy new expansion Call of Destiny will go live tomorrow, July 15th. On that day, the game will move into a whole new era, promising new class advancements, unexplored areas, heightened challenges and loads of epic items. Brace yourselves, heroes, for The Call of Destiny is nigh.

New Class Advancements
Not one, not two, but EIGHT new class advancements will await players when The Call of Destiny goes live. Along with a plethora of flashy and powerful skills comes a wide selection of superb equipment sets specially designed for the eight final classes, giving players many more customization options to help them stand out in a crowd.

Elite New Instance
Are you tired of running instances that just aren’t challenging enough anymore? Well, here comes a test like nothing you’ve seen before: the elite-level Lone Knight instance, an adventure for players who want to prove their prowess. Featuring all the action you’ve come to expect, but much more deadly foes that are even harder to defeat, the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Players can earn Hourglasses of Time for besting the instance’s elite monsters. Exchange Hourglasses for a variety of epic gems that will leave you chomping at the bit to run it again and again.

Northern Dungeons Unveiled
The fabled and notorious Northern Dungeons have been unveiled at long last. Battle to your heart’s content against friends or foes, or gather guild members and lay claim to the vast riches hidden beneath the Dungeons. Gems of all cuts and sizes await the victors, along with hidden surprises in the form of treasure chests and exchangeable items.

Items Galore
With the addition of so much new content, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce a broad spectrum of new and exciting items to the game. To make sure players get their hands on these items as quickly as possible, the dev team has added new daily quests that will give players the chance to waltz off with an Hourglass of Time in just a few simple steps. Start building your collection of awesome gear from day one.

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