The MMOFPS War Rock joins Nexon

Nexon Europe have announced today that from May this year, they will take on the free-to-play MMOFPS War Rock. This marks the fifth high-caliber license Nexon have acquired, and joins MapleStory, Combat Arms, Atlantica, Vindictus and Dekaron in its growing list of high quality free-to-play online game titles.

War Rock is a fast-paced FPS set within the fictional Republic of Derbaran during an intense nuclear war. Players fight against each other and they can choose to play as one of five branches: Military Engineer, Scout, Combatant, Heavy Weapons Unit and Medic. Each character has their own specialties that can be selected by the player. War Rock provides highly diverse combat throughout several different modes of play, including Close Quarters Combat, Hero Mode, Urban Ops, Battle Group and Zombie mode.

WarRock is simply a perfect fit for our current portfolio”, said Sungjin Kim, Nexon Europe’s CEO. “It’s another well known title that drives us to a point where we are able to redefine the market for MMO-FPS Games.

Peter Jang, CEO of Dream Execution Technologies, said: "The partnership with Nexon Europe, a publisher who possesses both passion and expertise, will prepare "War Rock" for the second leap in North American and European markets. I would like to thank all users for playing and showing their love and care for “War Rock”. From now on, both Dream Execution Technologies and Nexon Europe will continuously strive to improve the quality of the game and service.

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