The migration of War Rock Global to Nexon Europe is now complete

Nexon Europe has announced that the migration of War Rock Global to Nexon Europe is now complete. War Rock boasts a huge active Community and Nexon Europe endeavor to continue supporting such a dedicated user base.

War Rock is a fast-paced FPS set within the fictional Republic of Derbaran during an intense nuclear war. Players fight against each other and they can choose to play as one of five branches: Military Engineer, Scout, Combatant, Heavy Weapons Unit and Medic. Each character has their own specialties that can be selected by the player. War Rock provides highly diverse combat throughout several different modes of play, including Close Quarters Combat, Hero Mode, Urban Ops, Battle Group and Zombie mode.

WarRock joins us with a huge existing community that we endeavor to build upon”, said Sungjin Kim, Nexon Europe’s CEO. “Its successful migration enables us now to focus on engaging the community though a variety of exciting player events."

We are glad that War Rock’s migration has successfully executed with Nexon and we will strive for providing stable and steady service.” said Peter Jang, CEO of Dream Execution Technologies. “There are plenty of new content that is planned to be released this year that we are sure will please the community

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