The Lost Titans has beginned its second open beta phase

ZQGame has entered the second open beta phase of its mythological browser MMORPG The Lost Titans. This open beta brings, among other innovations, new pets, mounts, areas, bosses, and PvP features. Also in the open beta, the maximum level of the game has been increased to 85, the economics of the game have been rebalanced and the progression of the characters has been improved.

More than 200,000 registered users participated in our first beta and our community has played a large role in the development of The Lost Titans. The new additions and updates in the second open beta phase were a direct result of the exceptional player engagement and feedback,” said Justin Lin, lead producer of The Lost Titans. “With its client-level graphics and action-packed gameplay, The Lost Titans is setting a new standard for browser games, and we have even more stories and refinements planned for the future.

Information source: ZQGame press release.

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