The expansion of Dragonica goes live today

gPotato Europe has announced that Paris Strikes Back, the expansion of the manga-style online action game Dragonica available on the portal goes live later today, June 23rd, 2010. The Dragonica servers will be offline for the first part of the day today, while the Paris Strikes Back update is being completed. The service is due to go live with the new features fully integrated and ready to play in the early evening.

New features include the Battlesquare and an overhauled PvP system with three different modes for players to challenge each other. Furthermore, the new MyHome feature is implemented, in which players can buy their own in-game house and decorate it to their taste. Also, player will be able to increase their maximum skill level, with a new Monster Card system available through the Wanted quests.

The level cap is being raised to level 70 and a fourth job, containing eight brand new classes, will be unlocked. New dungeon modes will be available, enabling players to work together in much larger groups, while quests, maps and classes are also being revamped for a more engaging experience throughout the game.

Check here all you need to know about Dragonica. And visit its official website.

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