The browser based World War II strategy game Checkmate will launch its CBT this week

Koram Game has announced that their awaited browser based World War II strategy game Checkmate, will launch its CBT later this week on Thursday April 19th, 2012. During the run-up and to celebrate the launch of this exciting SLG, Koram Game has held various giveaway events. The main event was the Caption Contest, where two radio control Panzer battle tank for were up for grabs.

The game itself promises to deliver a realistic, exciting and vivid game play experience that will appeal to everyone from the casual gamer right up to gamers of the most demanding persuasion. Checkmate is a game of depth that attempts to pay great attention to detail. You can battle all over Europe on a variety of historical battlefields from World War II, including "The Siege of Leningrad", "The Battle of Stalingrad" and "The Belorussian Offensive". On these battlefields you can attempt to defeat the NPC whilst gaining valuable combat experience and rewards, moving forwards in your campaign for victory.

Checkmate gives the players the chance to go back in time to this turbulent period of history in a detailed and action packed game.

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