The browser-based MMORTS, Dragon Crusade, enters Closed Beta

Aeria Games, has announced today that the MMORTS Dragon Crusade has begun its closed beta testing. Dragon Crusade allows players to craft their own tales of the rise and fall of empires in an absorbing medieval world. An ever-evolving landscape forces players to adapt and grow if they want to stay ahead of the competition, building and maintaining not just one, but multiple cities forming extensive kingdoms as well as the powerful armies necessary to protect them.

Dragon Crusade also offers an incredible level of customization rarely seen in browser games. Players choose from dynamic races such as Dark Elf, Forest Elf, Azren, Dwarf, Human, and Magi. In addition, highly customizable heroes level up through battle, allowing players to distribute their stat points, as well as equip them with better gear. A hero’s skills can be boosted even further with the addition of mounts and pets.

Several features encourage both cooperation and competition between players. They can form alliances with each other to take on the rest of the world as a united front, sharing key resources, technology, and buildings. When in a fighting mood, players can also pit heroes against each other in gladiatorial arena matches or send their heroes into a dungeon to search out spoils and glory.

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  1. Justin

    Sounds like an interesting game that’s worth trying out. I like the idea of having a lot of options to customize things in game.

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