The action MMORPG Eternal Blade will launch in North America later this year

GPotato has announced that its upcoming action MMORPG Eternal Blade will launch in North America later this year. Eternal Blade packs fast-paced action into an engaging social world to create a thrilling and vibrant new MMORPG with a dungeon crawler twist. The colorful anime style blends seamlessly with the high action gameplay that sees players unleashing huge, powerful attacks to take down challenging bosses or whole hordes of monsters with every swing, shot, or spell.

The game has six classes with distinct strengths and strategies with the opportunity to grow in rank and add powers based on the player’s custom enhancements. The game bursts with collectible items and energy that reward successful heroes with vital resources to tailor their appearance, statistics, and even abilities. Eternal Blade features multiple upgrade paths and a unique animal card system that allows players to create and combine skill-granting animal cards made from the energy of defeated foes.

Incredible monsters and exhilarating challenges await in the fantastic and varied dungeons which form the core of Eternal Blade. From a mad scientist’s laboratory to a wind-up clocktower, players will explore 35 dungeons and take on over 700 quests. The dungeons can be tackled solo or in a group, with adjustable difficulty settings to make them accessible for new players yet challenging for the hardcore.

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