TERA: Rising is going to release tomorrow its new expansion, Corsairs’ Stronghold

Gameforge is going to release tomorrow Corsairs’ Stronghold the new expansion of their popular action MMORPG TERA: Rising.

The update brings a new battleground in which two team of 20 players will compete using an arsenal of weapons and war machines such as battle tanks, airships, cannons and siege ladders to conquer a stronghold, one team acting as attacker and one team as defender. The Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground adds new dynamics to the combat system, demanding new cooperative tactics on foot and in the air. The Corsairs’ Stronghold is already open to players from level 30 – all PvP warriors will, however, be automatically raised to the maximum level of 60 for the battle. Special battlefield equipment, balanced in its strength, provides equal chances and long-term playing fun. Thanks to the matchmaking system, players who sign up for a party can easily find a suitable group.

The patch also contains the framework for future content and features that will roll out later this summer Such as the eagerly awaited Alliance System, further development of the Political System, guilds being given the opportunity to join one of the three alliances and the new raid dungeons.

Furthermore, three different festivals full of crazy ideas and attractive prizes will provide variety in Arborea. The summer festivals are entwined in small back stories and allow players to kit out their characters in fashionable new swimsuits perfect for the time of year.

Source of informations: Gameforge press release.


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